This DiscipleCenter Sermon Page contains the audio files of the regular Sunday Service of the Disciple Center, usually presented by H. Bruce Stokes. Recordings are available in MP3 format.

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Last Scripture: Matthew 26:1-75 "God's Plan, Man's Plan"
Series: Discussion in Matthew
01/19/20 Download MP3 file
1 Scripture: Matthew 24:36 - 25:46 "Parables of His Coming"
Series: Discussion in Matthew
01/12/20 Download MP3 file
2 Scripture: Matthew 23: 1 - 39  "Avoiding The Hypocrisy in Leadership"
Series: Discussion in Matthew
12/29/19 Download MP3 file
3 Sermon: "Faith, Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love"
Scripture: Torah, Job, John 10:22-23, McAbee's Luke 1-2
Series: Holy Days
Speaker: Rev. Trevor L. Embry
12/22/19 Download MP3 file
4 Scripture: Matthew 22:1-46 "Kingdom Clarifications"
Series: Discussion in Matthew
12/08/19 Download MP3 file
5 Scripture: Matthew 21: 1 - 46 "Fruitful or Cursed" Parts 1 & 2"
Series: Discussion in Matthew
12/01/19 Download MP3 file
6 Scripture: Deuteronomy 8:1-20, Psalm 65, Mathew 6:5-33, James 1:17-27
Sermon: "A National Thanksgiving"
Series: Holy Days
11/24/19 Download MP3 file
7 Scripture: Matthew 19:27 - 20:34 "The Kingdom of Heaven is like..."
Series: Discussion in Matthew
11/17/19 Download MP3 file
8 Scripture: Matthew 19:1-30 "Kingdom-Minded or Hard-Hearted"
Series: Discussion in Matthew
11/10/19 Download MP3 file