This DiscipleCenter Sermon Page contains the audio files of the regular Sunday Service of the Disciple Center, usually presented by H. Bruce Stokes. Recordings are available in MP3 format.

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Last Exodus 23: 1-9, James 2: 1-3,
"Oppressors And the Oppressed"
Series: The Gathering Storm
10/10/2021 Download MP3 file
1 Revelation 7:9-17, Isaiah 2:2-5, Romans 15:1-2
"Biblical Nations VS Secular Races"
Series: The Gathering Storm
09/19/2021 Download MP3 file
2 Romans 12:18-21
"Human Division and Unity"
Series: The Gathering Storm
09/12/2021 Download MP3 file
3 Genesis 11:1-9
"Race and Ethnicity"
Series: The Gathering Storm
09/05/2021 Download MP3 file
4 Colossians 2:6-10
"The Secular World & The Kingdom of God"
Series: The Gathering Storm
08/29/2021 Download MP3 file
5 Matthew 16:1-3, Luke 12: 54-56
"Interpreting The Present Signs of The Times"
Series: The Gathering Storm
08/22/2021 Download MP3 file
6 Deuteronomy 6:6-9, Ephesians 4: 11-16
"Numerical Increase and Spiritual Maturity"
Series: Congregational Disciplines
08/15/2021 Download MP3 file
7 1 Corinthians 13: 11
"Walking In & Maturing In The Faith"
Speaker: Rev. Trevor L. Embry
Series: Following The Lord
08/08/2021 Download MP3 file
8 Matthew 5: 39-40
"Theology of Violence"
Speaker: Nick Simmons
Series: Miscellaneous
08/01/2021 Download MP3 file